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Violeta Berdejo Espinola

Violeta Berdejo Espinola

Violeta is a PhD candidate interested in socio-ecological ecosystems and the way humans impact natural environments and biodiversity in these landscapes. She is pursuing questions around the ways humans benefit from nature under the current pressures of rapid urbanisation and climate change, with a special focus in countries of the Global South. She is also working as a Senior Research Technician for the Translate project led by Tatsuya Amano, where they are seeking to understand how language barriers impede the application of science in conservation decision making and to assess the importance of scientific knowledge that is available in non-English languages. Before starting these two projects, she graduated with a BSc Environmental Engineering in Paraguay and a masters of Urban and Regional Planning at UQ.

Email: v.berdejoespinola@uq.edu.au
Location: Goddard Building 8