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Sunshine Coast Pelagic Trips

Approximately eight times each year, pelagic birdwatching trips to look for seabirds are organised. We depart from Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast and head east to the continental shelf NE of Moreton Island. Arriving at the shelf, we typically cut the engines and drift for about three hours, looking for seabirds in that transition zone between deep ocean and the coastal waters. Below you will find an information sheet giving details of these trips, which cost $140 per person. Note that they are on a non-profit basis (e.g. even the organisers pay for their own tickets – all the money goes to the charter company and to buy burley).

The first three trips for 2020 will be on 2nd February, 29th March, and 26th April. Please email Richard Fuller on r.fuller@uq.edu.au if you are interested in coming along or want to know more.

Tahiti Petrel, November 2019
Masked Booby, October 2019