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Rachel Oh

Rachel Oh

Rachel commenced her PhD at the University of Queensland in February 2018, and is supervised by Professor Richard Fuller. She is keen to investigate changes in human-nature interactions across time and space in tropical cities, and its relationship with local biodiversity and impact on conservation concern.

Rachel holds a Masters (2014) and Degree (2012) from the National University of Singapore, during which she spent a large amount of time as a treehugger. She has mucked around abandoned aquaculture ponds and mangroves in Sulawesi (Indonesia) doing mangrove rehabilitation , and has investigated niche preferences of trees and seedlings in forests on American Samoa.

Email: rachelohry@gmail.com
Location: Rm 506, Goddard Building 8
Twitter: twitter.com/rachelohry

Broadly, Rachel is passionate about conducting applied and inter-disciplinary research and enjoys a balance of fieldwork and (mindful)-keyboard-prodding. She is trained as an ecologist and her envisaged research outcomes are to improve the management and conservation of natural ecosystems. Prior to moving to Australia, Rachel was a researcher with the National Parks Board of Singapore and is still collaborating on projects that utilise: (i) Next-Generation-Sequencing to characterise avian population structure to inform efforts of restituting connectivity and gene flow corridors; (ii) genomic methods to investigate the ancestry and admixture of Red Junglefowl; (iii) urban climate models to improve outdoor thermal comfort and mitigate Urban Heat Island; and (iv) experiments to distil the pathways between biodiversity and subjective well-being.