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Migratory shorebirds of Moreton Bay

Fuller RA, Milton DA, Rothlisberg P, Clemens RS, Coleman J, Murray K, Dhanjal-Adams KL, Edwards D, Finn PG, Skilleter G, Stigner M & Woodworth BK (2019) Migratory shorebirds of Moreton Bay. Pp. 431-444 in: Tibbetts IR, Rothlisberg PC, Neil DT, Homburg TA, Brewer DT & Arthington AH (eds) Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present and future. The Moreton Bay Foundation. Brisbane, Australia.

Tens of thousands of migratory shorebirds return to Moreton Bay each year from their breeding grounds in the Arctic. The extensive tidal flats provide a rich feeding resource for the birds while they recuperate from their long migration flight and prepare for their next one. The abundance of many migratory shorebird species has declined dramatically in Moreton Bay, and while some of the causes are located elsewhere along the birds’ migration routes, there are significant threats to the birds and their habitats within the Bay, ranging from habitat loss to disturbance. New partnerships between conservation management agencies and NGOs have led to exciting examples of conservation action to reduce some of these threats, including collecting high quality monitoring data, careful zoning of recreational and commercial uses to avoid important areas for shorebirds, and extensive awareness-raising activities. Migratory shorebird conservation will become more and more critical as the human population using the Bay continues to increase over the coming decades.

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