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Lab group photos

April 2012 – Lab retreat at Lamington National Park

From left to right: Colin Studds, Jasmine Lee, Rob Clemens, Claire Runge, Nick Murray, Kiran Dhanjal-Adams, Manon Ceinos, Rich Fuller, Jo Towsey, Cassandra Taylor, Vladimir Wingate, Jeremy Ringma, Ramona Maggini.

April 2014 – Lab retreat on Moreton Island

Sitting from left to right: Megan Barber, Jeremy Ringma, Liz Barber, Hsien-Yung Lin, Karen Mustin, Claire Runge, Jasmine Lee
Standing from left to right: Jess Peatey, Kiran Dhanjal-Adams, Rich Fuller, Jeff Hanson, Claire Fuller, Emily Fuller, Jess Cappadonna, Danielle Shanahan, Julien Destres, Hannah Wauchope.

May 2015 – Lab retreat at Noosa Northshores (Bird Attack)

Standing Left to Right: Veronica Gama, Si-liang Lin, Jeff Choo, Jeff Hanson, Muu Akasaka, Danielle Shanahan, Maddy Stigner, Dylan Moffitt, Jo Towsey, Rich Fuller
Sitting Left to Right: Bella Gama, Jeremy Ringma, Jimmy Choi, Lara Franco, Hsien-yung Lin, Claire Fuller, Emily Fuller, Hannah Wauchope, Kiran Dhanjal-Adams, Jasmine Lee