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Jan 30: Watching the news feed

My second consecutive day of essentially no birding, the best I managed today was a 5-min stationary count from my back yard. This yielded a calling Little Wattlebird, and I still have no idea where these birds are coming from or why they are mysteriously present here and yet seen nowhere else in Brisbane yet this year. Over the last year or so I’ve tried to get into the habit of always doing a 5-min point count in the morning no matter where I was. I’ve been amazed by how much I pick up that I wouldn’t otherwise see just from the discipline of making myself stop for a few minutes and focus on birds.

I kept an eye on the bird alerts through the day. Mat Gilfedder and Jo Culican had a Spotted Quail-Thrush at Moggill Conservation Park – an excellent find, and a bird that might take substantial effort to claw back. All I can do for the moment is stay put and work on my grant proposal.

Nothing else for today, that’s it.

With no year ticks today, my year list at the end of the day remained on 210 species. I spent 5 minutes birding, walked 0 km and drove 0 km.