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Feb 8: Treading water

Up at 0430 today, but worked instead of birding. Down from 1,000 emails to 462, and got quite a bit done so can’t be bad. Gearing up for tomorrow, when I’m off work for my birthday and will get the chance to do a couple of trips. I’m going to try Sandy Camp Road for Black Bittern early doors. Yes folks, Black Bittern again – but I need a change of scene from Mookin-Bah. Not sure what I’ll do after that – maybe head to the coast and look for terns / shorebirds, up to Tinchi Tamba to look for Little Grassbird, or head inland for species such as Speckled Warbler or Painted Button-quail. Or something else altogether. But definitely time for another year tick or two.

I’m trying to find a boat that can host a pelagic trip into the waters east of Moreton Island in March or April. Email me if you’re keen (r.fuller@uq.edu.au), with a list of Saturdays in March and April that you are available.

With no year ticks today, my year list at the end of the day remained on 222 species. I spent 5 minutes birding, walked 0 km and drove 0 km.