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Feb 13: Rinse and Repeat

Nothing to report once again, dear reader. How will I keep you (and me) entertained through the slack times? I have to put in early mornings all this week at work, so birding will be incidental at best. However, my eyes are on the news feed, the weather and the tides all the time, and should some emergency year list birding be necessary, I’m sure I’ll find a way of making it happen. Cyclone Gita will be just south of New Caledonia on Saturday – not sure yet where it’s going or how strongly the SE winds will be felt off Brisbane.

I have a meeting at Manly Harbour on Friday, and it will finish about 12.30 – I’m expecting some degree of ornithological action then.

With no year ticks today, my year list remained on 230 species. I spent 0 minutes birding, walked 0 km and drove 0 km.