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Ecological and Psychological Value of Urban Green Space

Irvine, K.N., Fuller, R.A., Devine-Wright, P., Payne, S., Lomas, K.J., Tratalos, J. & Gaston, K. J. 2010. Ecological and Psychological Value of Urban Green Space. Pp. 215–237 in: Jenks, M. & Jones, C. (eds) Dimensions of the Sustainable City. Springer, London.

    In urban environments, perhaps more so than in any other setting, people and nature must coexist in close, and sometimes uncomfortable, proximity. With half of the world’s human population living in cities and a continued decline of biodiversity in the wider landscape, urban nature plays an increasingly important role in creating cities that are both ecologically and socially sustainable. However, understanding the value of urban green spaces as a resource requires an integration of several, rarely overlapping, approaches to evaluating and managing these places.

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