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Dec 23: The perils &c

Up at 0330 and back to Sandy Camp Road Wetlands again, arriving at my lookout over the bittern pond just as dawn was breaking (eBird checklist here). Less heron activity than yesterday, although a Striated Heron flew in and foraged in the open. Predictably, there was no sign of the Black Bittern, and at 0545 I headed east of the railway line to meet up with Ged Tranter. We checked the swamp in the southern part of Constellation Way Park, access from Sandy Camp Road just east of the railway crossing.

The habitat looked really good for waterbirds, with mixed papyrus stands, melaleuca woodland and Typha beds (eBird checklist here). But we couldn’t access large parts of the good-looking habitat. Somehow, there are birds to be found here!

With no year ticks today, my year list remained on 305 species. I spent 2 hours 44 minutes birding, walked 3.773 km and drove 30.4 km. My chronological year list is here.