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ABC Online: Are our national parks barking up the wrong tree?

28th January 2011: Read a feature story on ABC online covering our work on protected areas in three recent papers:

Fuller, R.A., McDonald-Madden, E., Wilson, K.A., Carwardine, J., Grantham, H.S., Watson, J.E.M., Klein, C.J., Green, D.C. & Possingham, H.P. 2010. Replacing underperforming protected areas achieves better conservation outcomes. Nature, 466, 365-367.

Taylor, M.F.J., Sattler, P.S., Evans, M., Fuller, R.A., Watson, J.E.M. & Possingham, H.P. in press. What works for threatened species recovery? An empirical evaluation for Australia. Biodiversity and Conservation.

Watson, J.E.M., Evans, M.C., Carwardine, J., Fuller, R.A., Joseph, L.N., Segan, D.B., Taylor, M.F.J., Fensham, R.J. & Possingham, H.P. in press. The capacity of Australia’s protected-area system to represent threatened species. Conservation Biology.

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