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16 Feb 2020 – a duck, just about

Finally a break in the intense rain that has been falling in the past few weeks. That, combined with the timing of two pelagic birding trips mean that I hadn’t had a chance to get out to the reservoir. But this morning I took advantage of the sunny forecast and arrived at dawn. Just as I got out of the car at the Cherbon Street parking area, I heard a Glossy Black-Cockatoo calling nearby. I couldn’t find it though. Good to see that at least one of the birds from a few weeks ago still remains.

As I neared the reservoir, it became apparent there was water everywhere! The reservoir is at 102.1% today, and still spilling over the dam wall. The water level was so high that for the most part I couldn’t even get a view of the open water by virtue of being hemmed in by small trees that are usually well above the waterline, but now have their ankles wet. The one spot I could access had little more than a few Pacific Black Ducks. Notably, a number of Australasian Swamphens were present, which is the first time this year I’d seen them on the main reservoir. Defeated and deflated, I wandered around in the Eucalypt woodland seeing not much at all.

Several plants that I hadn’t yet seen this year were in flower, and I saw a Koala “roosting” in a tree. I returned to the car not too happy with the morning’s proceedings, no year ticks in the bag, but still having enjoyed the time in nature.

eBird lists:

JC Trotter0.76 km24 min23
JC Trotter2.14 km82 min41
Pylon line 1.92 km67 min15
JC Trotter 0.721013
TOTAL5.54 km3 h 3 min49

Koala getting ready to go to sleep for the day. Tingalpa Reservoir is the centre of a local stronghold for this species.