• lab30
14 Jul: A walk in the park

No dedicated birding today, but we did do a walk with some family friends and our collective five young kids around Minnippi. I did surprisingly well bird-wise considering the amount of youthful energy around, notching up 51 species. Most notable was a couple of Musk Lorikeets feeding on a flowering eucalypt near the northern car park at -27.4826° S / 153.1144° E. This is only the second record for Minnippi, and I even managed a record shot by holding my phone up to my bins – digibinning.

With no year ticks today, my year list remained on 289 species. I spent 48 minutes birding, walked 1.81 km and drove 0 km (birding was incidental to the rest of the day’s plans). My chronological year list is here.

One of two Musk Lorikeets at Minnippi Parklands this afternoon. Good to know that “digibinning” can deliver a passable record shot. It’s been a good winter for this species across Brisbane so far.